Choosy Mothers Might Choose Jiff (But You Can’t Be Choosy in a Jiffy!)

Before I get to the backyard birds, how about I start with a “Lab report”?

The newest addition to our household is adjusting well.  We ended up calling her Tilly instead of Dilly, which suits her since the name means “mighty warrior” – a title that must be true of her since she survived her rough start.  She needs a good bit of training, but has a sweet disposition and thrives on praise.  She does like to keep me in her sights at all time…like watching me feed the cat…

…and watching me dry my hair.

The report on Tucker is a bit of a downer.  He loves his new sister and wants to romp and race, unfortunately, he has a “sports injury” to his right rear leg and is on a month of restricted activity.  Keeping them calm is not easy.  Pray for me!  And pray for my beautiful beast too if you don’t mind.

So, with one Lab needing training and the other needing constant supervising, my picture taking time is limited to say the least.  Still, I am determined to not altogether neglect it, so I’ll just grab whatever moments I can and learn to be a little less finicky.

Here are a few I snapped this afternoon.

Eastern Bluebird

Northern Cardinal

Downy Woodpecker (female)

Downy Woodpecker (male)

Yellow-rumped Warbler

Do you remember the old peanut-butter commercial that said “Choosy mothers choose Jiff?”  Well – I think my mantra for the next month will be “When you have to take pictures in a jiffy you can’t be choosy!”



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7 Responses to Choosy Mothers Might Choose Jiff (But You Can’t Be Choosy in a Jiffy!)

  1. Jill Kuhn says:

    Oh, boy! Sounds like you are going to need a vacation! ☺️ I like photos of Tilly and Tucker and hope everyone minds, including the birds! 🐦💕

  2. de Wets Wild says:

    We hope Tucker makes a quick and full recovery, for all your sakes!

  3. Leona Walker says:

    Bluebirds are my favorite so thank you for sharing. Your fur babies are beautiful

  4. Tilly and Tucker, what a fine pair! I hope Tucker mends quickly. All terrific photos too.

  5. Sharon Mann says:

    I can see you being pulled in both directions. I love all of your images today.

  6. Snehal Kank says:

    Hope Tucker get well soon and Tilly is just adorable 💜

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