A Picture-Taking Pause

I feel like I have been on a picture-taking pause for the last several weeks, so this morning I decided to remedy and reverse that, by pausing to take some pictures!

When I got outside, the Blue Jays were as busy as ever, packing away peanut after peanut.

The Finches were perched, posing, and looking oh so pretty – both the Goldfinch…

…and the House Finch.

A pair of Catbirds was coming and going, quickly carrying food away to some little ones they were keeping concealed. (I think we should call their babies “kittens”!)

And my resident Red-head was looking stunning, as always.

By far the friendliest visitor of the morning was the Brown-headed Nuthatch. He would fly from one branch…

…and then land on another. Sometimes he would grab a bite of food, and other times it seemed like he just wanted to visit.

It was such a treat to get out and enjoy the backyard bird beauty.

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