Faithful Fixtures

Four months ago, when I put out the first fistful of seed in my new backyard, the Tufted Titmice were the first birds to arrive. I use the plural purposefully, because it wasn’t just one…or two…or even ten that showed up…it was a whole host of them. And they have been a constant fixture ever since!

The picture below was taken December 17th, the day we moved in.

And this next one was taken earlier this month.

These lovely little birds typically stay in one general area their whole lives, and are quite family oriented, with last year’s youngsters often sticking around to help care for this year’s little ones. And speaking of little ones, since several of the backyard bird houses have Titmice as their residents, I am expecting new batches of baby birds any day now!

12 thoughts on “Faithful Fixtures

  1. What delightful photos of these sweet birds, Kathy. I honestly don’t think have ever seen a titmouse ‘in person’ though I know they must’ve been around back when I lived in New York. ☺️

    1. They are easy to miss since they stay in the tree tops when they’re not at the feeders. And they rarely sit around and eat, they more grab and go.

  2. They are such brave and curious little ones. They will land on my head to grab some hair, and have tried to do that with the dog when she’s napping, but she wakes up and startles them away. I love my titmice, and all the rest of my littles. I’m heartbroken not to be filling my feeders right now.

    1. It’s so funny when they steal hair for their nest. When I brush Chaco (my female labra-mutt) I try to leave some fur floating about for them.
      Is it Michigan’s weather that has led to the pause in feeder filling?

  3. These birds are so cute. Don’t believe we get them in our area. Thank you for sharing your photos. Nice way to start the day.

  4. Such great photos! I aways love seeing the pictures you post of different birds!

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