A Lovely Lizard

A lovely little lizard has been lounging on my front porch pillar lately.

She, whom I have taken to calling Lola, is a creature of gorgeous glowing green, with some cool aquatic colors around her eye.

I’m not sure how long lizards usually live, but I shall enjoy her company for as long as she hangs around.

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Age of Discovery

Just like it is with humans, toddler-hood is an age of discovery for birds.
This morning, a young Mockingbird ventured forth without Mom and Dad’s presence (and I think without their permission!) and landed on the Bark Butter Branch.

He then proceeded to loudly cry out, announcing his discovery and watching for his parents to join him.

When Mom showed up, she clearly wasn’t quite ready for such independence and sent this inquisitive hooligan to the safety of the shrubs while she gathered some breakfast. (FYI – I used the “inquisitive hooligan” description because that’s what my daughter’s friend group called themselves in college!)

Surprisingly, little Junior complied with the relocation command…

…and then flew off to follow Mom (and her beak-full of Bark Butter) to the front yard.

Meanwhile, another youngster (who also arrived without parental supervision) perched on a branch in the middle of the yard and curiously surveyed the fountain below.

Toddler-hood is definitely an age of discovery!

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A Juvie Jungle Gym

McDonald’s has a play area for the little ones.
And Chick-fil-A has a play area for the little ones.
And apparently so does my backyard bird buffet!

One of the Mama White-breasted Nuthatches (I’m saying Mama, but it could be a Daddy) has been bringing her crew of youngsters to the backyard lately.

And while she eats and drinks…

…they have fun exploring the Bark Butter branches that are strapped to the deck.  I’m pretty sure it’s a bit like a Jungle Gym to them.

Occasionally they puff up their feathers to try and get Mom’s attention…

….or give her a loud squawk…

…but mostly they just hang around.

If you just saw the pictures it would be hard to tell that they are juveniles, but if you watch their antics there is little doubt!

Not only are they having fun climbing about, they are also discovering that they can grab some food all by themselves.

Of course, their Brown-headed cousins want in on the action too!

With their curious nature and their cheerful chirping, Nuthatches are always fun to have around!


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Han, the One-legged Wonder

One of the Robins that has been frequenting the backyard feeders is missing a leg – or at least part of one – but it doesn’t seem to slow him down in the least.

I call him Han…after Han Solo…because, well, solo meaning one…anyway…you get it…

Han, in typical brash Robin style, often lands on a peak perch and announces that it is his turn to partake of the Bark Butter.

He relies on a good bit of wing flapping to help him stay balanced when he is eating or drinking.

It really is rather fascinating to watch him.

I love how this fellow bravely refuses to be limited by his limitation!  That sounds like a true Jedi knight to me!


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Dad’s on Duty: A Mother’s Day Post

Mother’s Day – a day where Dad’s everywhere take on the tasks that are typically handled by Mom, including feeding the little ones.

And so, it only seemed fitting that my first baby bird of the season (at least the first to pop in and pose!) should arrive today…

…and that Dad should be the one who was feeding him.

This little guy would eat and then wait (rather patiently for a baby!)…

…while Dad gathered more Bark Butter for the beak to beak transfer.

He really is a cutie!

It was a treat to have them hang out for awhile this afternoon.  I can’t think of a better Mother’s Day gift!



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Makin’ A Splash – Fur and Feathers

We took Tucker for a river romp this morning.  This guy sure loves a good splash!

The river (or a lake…or a fountain…or a puddle) is his happy place.

And it’s easy to make friends when you bring toys.  I had to laugh at this picture because my hubby has always been the Dad that all the neighborhood kids wanted to play with. I guess some things never change!

But Tucker isn’t the only one who enjoys getting wet and making waves.  This Brown Thrasher took advantage of the recently filled birdbath to freshen up his feathers, which – if they are like everything else in Georgia – were probably coated with pollen.

He started off on the calm side…

…but then (as Emeril Lagasse would say) he took it up “another notch!”

He stayed for quite awhile, soaking and splashing and giving any other bird that came close an open-beaked, only room for one, type expression.

I guess sunshine and water is a winning combination for fur…

…and for feathers!

It’s good to be a Lab-loving Birdnerd!

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Sunset Sip

This vibrant Pine Warbler showed up for a sip of water in the early evening hours.

The setting sun highlighted his feathers, lending them an even gleamier golden glow than usual.

Having this guy around always brightens my day. 🙂

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