A Bit Of A Baditude

The Mockingbirds who are nesting in our front Cypress tree have been showing up at the feeders with a bit of a baditude…and yes, their bad attitude is such that it warrants a new word!

They arrive at the Bark Butter branch, give a scowling glare to any others who might be thinking of trying to join, and then proceed to scarf up the food.

They gobble and guard until …

… a bird with a bigger baditude (and a bigger beak) shows up! Like this Brown Thrasher, who has an even more impressive glare.

And of course, the cycle continues…

Suffice it to say, my backyard are full of baditude!

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Fun With Friends

We took the pooch back to the Hooch (Georgia slang for the Chattahoochee River) this morning where he had a grand ole time.

He was romping and racing –

And lunging and chasing –

Darting and dashing –

And spraying and splashing –

Watching and waiting and anticipating.

Of course, Tucker wasn’t the only pup at the park –

So was Argo –

And Scout –

And Benson –

And a whole host of other canine companions.

Sometimes there was a bit of a toy swap which always makes things more fun.

Okay, so I’m pretty sure my toddler stole the stick from another dog (which explains his gleeful expression)  but swap makes it sound nicer! Besides, he was happy to share his toys too.

When you see the joy in this fellow when he gets near water there is no room for doubt that Lab makes up most of his mixture.

And when it was time to say goodbye and head back home…

…Tucker was indeed tuckered out!

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The Bachelor or the Bathtub?

The female Cardinals in my backyard aren’t getting a moment’s peace these days.

The other day I watched as three brilliant bachelors (in color, not intellect) did their best to impress a lovely lady, while also trying to intimidate each other. They alternated between bobbing their heads and flapping their wings in an effort to woo the woman, and darting, diving, and pecking at each other.

So which do you think she chose?
Bachelor number one?

Bachelor number two?

Or bachelor number three?

The answer: none of the above!  At least not yet.
This time she chose the bathtub over the bachelors, and helped herself to a leisurely soaking.

I could almost see her rolling her eyes at their antics, saying, “Calgon, take me away!”
Besides, I think she’s holding out ’til they start bringing the food offerings. She’s pretty and smart!

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Pretty in Pink

Our backyard Dogwoods are blossoming, and while they sure do look lovely in their creamy white…

…there’s no denying they are pretty in pink!

I think it’s safe to say that spring has officially sprung!

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Unforgotten Feathered Friends

As of late, a lot of my photos have been of this furry fellow, who once again enjoyed a romp in the lake today…

…but I haven’t forgotten my feathered friends.  Here’s a five-bird-bouquet of early spring visitors.

And here’s another bouquet.

And what the heck…here’s Tucker again.

Such joy!
Hope you have a blessed Easter!

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Lakes and Trails and Labra-tails

Since hubby just returned from a work trip and had the day off from the office, we decided to take advantage of the early spring weather and head to Lake Allatoona – Lab in tow, of course!

As soon as we got near the water’s edge, Tucker made a bee-line for the lake.  I’m pretty sure his expression is one of Retriever rejoicing!

I will go ahead and beg your indulgence before I post any more pictures because I fear that the upcoming months will hold many photos that (to the untrained eye) will look remarkably similar – pictures of a crazed mutt splashing with abandon.
So, with your permission to now proceed…

We started with letting the boy bound after a few sticks that we had gathered as we walked..

…and then switched to his glowing green plastic baton.

Now, in case you are ever invited to a Lab’s birthday party, let me give you a handy hint that one of these float-able fluorescent fetch sticks would make a wonderful gift!

Occasionally, Tucker had to go in over his head and show off his web-footed swimming skills, always returning with a joyful look of success.

Where Tucker was playing the water quickly turned muddy, but around the bend the scene was much more tranquil. Is it just me, or is there something about big rocks along a shoreline that stirs a sense of adventure?

After a fair amount of romping, we took to the trail and let the beast wander leash free since we were the only ones about.  He loved the freedom, but kept a close eye on us to be sure we were following.

Then, before heading home, we had one more round of fetch, but since Tucker is a still a toddler, Rick explained that play time was almost over.

Such a fun morning of lakes and trails and Labra-tails.

A good time was indeed had by all!

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Swooping Swallows

A Swarm of swooping swallows
Too fast to catch in flight
Feasted o’er the waters
A blur of teal and white

They perched upon the boxes
Neatly placed for them to nest
And flitted dampened feathers
As they grabbed a moments rest

Then returned to swiftly swooping
And maneuvering for a meal
With dips and dives and dances
A blur of white and teal

*Photos of Tree Swallows from our Chattanooga get-away. 🙂

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