A Winter Wanderer

I know they say that “Not all who wander are lost” – but I think this Yellow-throated Warbler who dropped in this afternoon might have been.

These striking little birds are usually only seen in this area during the summer months, and even then, they rarely make appearances in my backyard. So it was a treat to have him pay a visit.

It’s easy to see where they get their name!

This fellow seemed to take quite a liking to Bark Butter. First he sampled some from one branch…

…then he sampled some from another branch.

It’s always fun to get to take pictures of a less common visitor.

Wandering Warblers are indeed wonderful!

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Brief But Beautiful

Well, I got my wish! We had a brief but beautiful snowfall this morning.

The skies weren’t bright enough to get many clear photos, but I enjoyed sitting outside amidst the snowflakes and the hungry birds. Here’a a sample of some that braved the elements!

Oh…the Labra-mutts had a fun snow day as well.

And now, I am ready for spring!

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Slightly Sleety

I was hoping for a snowy morning today, but instead got slightly sleety!
The weather seemed to make the birds rather antsy (they are spoiled to our mild southern winters!) and they wasted no time showing up to gobble food once I filled the feeders.

A Pine Warbler, Downy Woodpecker, and female Cardinal sampled the peanuts…

…as did several Blue Jays (of course) who swooped in to pack their pouches.

Meanwhile, the Bluebirds munched mealworms.

Even the Yellow-rumped Warblers, who are usually too involved in their territorial aerial attacks to sit still for long, called a temporary truce to fuel up.

I am still hoping for a snowy day before winter makes way for spring, but hey – you get what you get and you don’t pitch a fit! And slightly sleety really isn’t so bad!

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The Drizzly Dozen

Grey skies and slushy drizzle made for less than ideal lighting for picture taking this afternoon, but, the birds were showing up so I figured I might as well show up too!

Here’s the drizzly dozen that kept me company.

Some were of the brown and beige variety…

…while others wore brighter Autumn hues.

There were those that were mostly monochrome…

…and, of course, the boys of blue.

These beauties turned a damp and dreary day into a delight!

Now, if we can just get a snow day here in Atlanta!

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Ghoulish or Gorgeous

At first glance, Grackles might seem to have a rather ghoulish appearance. Their gleaming gold eyes and midnight feathers make them fitting material for one one Poe’s poems!

But if you look at them more closely, these birds are actually rather gorgeous. When their iridescent feathers catch the light at the right angle they shimmer magnificently.

Whatever opinion you have of them, these ghoulishly gorgeous birds can sure pack away some peanuts!

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Curious and Glorious

Many of my backyard birds (like the Red-bellied Woodpecker and Blue Jay below) are curious creatures that show up ready to explore the area in search of peanuts…

…but the Pine Warblers this time of year are positively glorious, mini-masterpieces with a golden glow.

Ahhh…such beauty to behold!

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Some Near-Freezing Feasting

The temperatures here in Not-So-Hotlanta have been hovering right around freezing, bringing a flurry of birds to the backyard in search of food and water…and one birdbrain to the backyard in hopes of taking their pictures!

This morning, a handsome Thrasher helped himself to some Bark Butter…

…as did a Ruby-crowned Kinglet.

Several Bluebirds made an appearance…some to sip water…

…and others to stand watch.

And just who were these boys in blue on their guard against? Why, this bossy, belligerent Robin who is utterly opposed to their presence in the backyard.

Several Tufted Titmice, which are typically furtive, fleeting, and hard to photograph, stopped in…

…and one even lingered long enough to serenade me for a bit – though I suspect he was really calling out to his fellow Titmice that he had found a nice stash of food.

There was constant activity at the heated water dish, with birds showing up one after another to enjoy a non-frozen beverage.

And, of course, the Blue Jays were busy swooping…

…and scooping!

I know it sounds crazy, but sitting outside with frozen fingers and tingling toes, taking pictures of beautiful birds makes my heart incredibly happy!

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