Cold, Rainy, and Slightly Crazy

The weather this morning was cold, with a slight drizzle dropping from the sky, the perfect day (if you are slightly crazy – a category we readily admit to occupying!) for Chaco’s first trip to Red Top Mountain.

We headed straight to the White Tail Trail, which has a great shoreline for lake loving Labs. Tucker immediately made his way to the water’s edge to wait for the fetch sticks to be thrown…

…while Chaco decided to wade on in.

As soon as it got deep enough to tickle her tummy with its chilly temperature, she opted for a rapid retreat!

Occasionally, Tucker (who looks like he fits into the “slightly crazy” category as well!) played with a glowing green wand or two…

…while Chaco explored her new surroundings.

But most of the their time was spent running to the left…

…and then racing to the right.

And then lunging to the left…

…and leaping to the right.

By the time they were done these two labra-mutts were labra-muddy!

It has always been a joy to take Tucker to the water…

…adding Chaco to the mix doubles the pleasure and double the fun. I am so glad we adopted her! (And if you too would like to adopt a Lab, I highly recommend Labrador Friends of the South – a great organization!)

We smiled the whole drive home with the happy smell of warm, wet dogs filling the jeep. I think I am definitely going to have to get a window sticker for Earl that says, “This vehicle has been Lab tested!”



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Everybody Loves A Nut

As soon as I wrote “Everybody loves a nut” for the title of this post, my mind automatically continued with, “and the whole world loves a weirdo!” Now, I had no idea who sang this silly little song, but clearly it was lodged in the “things I didn’t know I knew” recesses of my brain. And thanks to the wonders of Google, I can fill you in that the voice behind the lyrics was the legendary Johnny Cash.

Despite the silliness of the song, my backyard does seem to have an abundance of nut lovin’ birds. Here are several that stopped by the other day to check out the peanut stash in the dogwood tree.

Tufted Titmouse

Eastern Bluebird – female

White-breasted Nuthatch

Downy Woodpecker – male

Pine Warbler – male

Red-breasted Nuthatch

I just realized I have been munching on cashews while typing this post, so I guess I can be included in the title too!

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Foliage of Fall

Sometimes the fall foliage provides a lovely backdrop for bird pictures.

Like these golden-green leaves blurring behind a chirpy Carolina Wren…

…or the faded dusty-rose dogwood petals behind this Carolina Chickadee.

My favorite background is this amber autumn oak-leaf glow that several birds were pleased to pose in front of.

I saved the best two photos for last since the chest feathers on these fellows seem to match so perfectly!

There is beauty to behold in every season!

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Third Times a Charm

Twice over the course of the past year we thought we had found a companion to adopt so that Tucker could have a “sibling”, and twice it ended up not being a good fit. I had just about resigned myself to the fact that we were going to be a one dog family when I heard about an eight month old chocolate lab mix that had been picked up as a stray and was available from the same rescue where we got our beast.

And so…meet Chaco…

She needs a bit of training and a lot of love since we have no idea how long she was living in the woods, but her temperament seems sweet, and Tucker is already teaching her some of the rules and rewards of living in this household.

Isn’t she pretty. Not sure what her mix is, but I foresee a DNA test in her future.

I am sure there will be more pictures to come, but I at least wanted to give you a proper introduction. And any prayers you want to offer for a good transition would be much appreciated!

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My Favorite Fall Fidgeter

Yesterday was a perfect picture taking day – cold, slightly overcast, with the leaves still sporting a bit of autumn splash. And much to my delight, my favorite fall fidgeter showed up – the Ruby-crowned Kinglet.

Like many of my backyard birds, this fellow has an appetite for Bark Butter.

It can be a bit tricky to get an unblurry picture of him because his wings are constantly flitting, and when he lands he doesn’t linger.

He opted to keep his ruby crown tucked away on this visit, though you can see a hint of his read head feathers peeking through in some of the pictures.

I am hoping that now that he has discovered this backyard buffet, he will be a regular visitor and that he will eventually grant me a glimpse (and a photo) of his glorious crown.

He really is a cute little guy!

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A Lavishly Lathered Limb

It’s always fun to lather up the Bark Butter branch and then wait to see who shows up. Here are a handful that stopped in to enjoy a bountiful fall feast.

Northern Mockingbird

Pine Warbler – male

Red-bellied Woodpecker – male

Red-bellied Woodpecker – female

Tufted Titmouse

Red-breasted Nuthatch

And speaking of fall feasts…I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving that is overflowing with thanks-giving!

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Saturday Morning Surprise

This morning, hubby filled the cavity in the dogwood with a fistful of peanuts, much to the delight of this nut-loving Nuthatch, who was delighted with the discovery.

This fellow, who is of the Red-breasted variety, made trip after trip, thoroughly enjoying this Saturday morning surprise!

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