Cool or Creepy?

My daughter and I ventured out this morning for a stroll along the Chattahoochee River.  We discovered a beautiful park on the outskirts of Atlanta, about a half hour from our house.  Most of the people there were garbed in exercise apparel, intent on getting in a good work out; we showed up with cameras slung around our necks, ready for a bit of carefree exploration.

We snapped several pictures of turtles, ducks, and geese, but these fellows really captured our attention.


There were 6 or 7 of these large birds perched on tree limbs, sunning themselves.  Occasionally, one would dive down to the river and return with a fish. As we were watching, we kept hearing a splashing sound in the water, which we initially assumed was the sound of fish jumping.  Turns out, it was the sound of these birds pooping!  (Sorry, couldn’t think of a nicer way to say that!)  And let me tell you, they poop a lot!

When we got home, we looked them up in our guide book and found out they are Double-crested Cormorants – a name which literally means “Sea Crows.”  I still can’t decide whether they are cool or creepy, so let’s just say they are creepy in the coolest kind of way.


We also saw this handsome Red-headed woodpecker perched high above us.  I tried my best to persuade him to come home with me and hang out in my backyard, but he seemed quite pleased with his current accomodations.


By the way, the trail we walked is called “Cochran Shoals” – in case you’re ever in the Atlanta area and want to check it out.  We have already added it to our list of favorite places.