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Happiness Is…A Whole Host Of Herons

My daughter and I spent the last two days on our semi-annual get away, this time choosing the Chattanooga area for our adventures.  We hiked and hiked (and ate and ate!) and spent some time strolling along the Tennessee River.  … Continue reading

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Perky But Not Picky

Carolina Wrens are such fun and friendly birds to have around. Garbed in coppers and creams, these little songsters are perpetually perky, but when it comes to food, not the least bit picky. They are mealworm munchers. And they are … Continue reading

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Too Pretty Not To Post

As I sat here sifting though recent photos this morning, I came across some that I took on a day where I clearly had time for picture taking but not for picture posting.  It seemed a shame to file them … Continue reading

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The Finest Winter Fashion

With the Atlanta temps mirroring those of Minnesota, the backyard birds are displaying their fluffiest feathers. This Mockingbird was my favorite, all decked out in his winter finest. Seriously though – I might have to get me one of these … Continue reading

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Glad I’m Not The Only One

Glad I’m not the only one who sometimes bites off more than they can chew! Hope you have a bountiful Sunday!

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The Usual Order of Events

Much to my delight, the Red-headed Woodpecker that returned in the spring has continued to show up during the summer months.  I have to confess, he is a pretty predictable fellow. His usual order of events is to first swoop … Continue reading

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No Better Bather

Birds and water are such a fun combination! The other day this Brown Thrasher showed up and landed on the edge of the birdbath. He got a couple sips to drink, but he simply couldn’t resist the allure of the … Continue reading

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