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Lighthearted Limericks: Ruby-crowned Kinglet

I think we are overdue for a lighthearted limerick, so here is one dedicated to my favorite fidgeter – the Ruby-crowned Kinglet. ūüôā There once was a wee little king who had flickety fidgety wings As he flew about town … Continue reading

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New Winter Arrivals

As Thanksgiving approaches, my inbox has been flooded with adds announcing the latest winter arrivals. ¬†There are comfy sweaters, cozy socks, and coats for every climate – all offered at “amazingly low prices.” Well, I am not rushing out to … Continue reading

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Ruby-crowned Kinglet

I am having such a blast with this bird blog that I decided to start a “bird of the week” category.¬† This will give me a chance to share a few more photos (because after all, what fun is it … Continue reading

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And the Winner is…Bark Butter!

I freely and without apology confess that I am obsessed with my backyard birds.¬† I also readily admit that a fair bit of our budget goes toward feeding them.¬† Now I like offering a variety of food choices, but if … Continue reading

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I Finally Captured the Crown!

Another winter visitor who has made¬†an appearance in my backyard is the Ruby-crowned Kinglet. Energetic and erratic, this small bird is constantly flitting about and flicking its wings.¬†¬†They are delightful to watch, but¬†can be¬†difficult to photograph since they¬†dart about and … Continue reading

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