A Kinglet Contest

I was having a bit of a contest with a Ruby-crowned Kinglet the other day. His goal, or so it seemed to me, was to flit in and out of the Camelia branches and avoid getting his picture taken. My goal was to get an unfuzzy photo or two!

If you go by points, I’m pretty sure he was the clear winner….say a score of 500 to 3. But, I did manage to get a couple of shots where this little fellow was fairly in focus, so I’m declaring myself the overall victor of the competition.

I wish he had flared his flaming head feathers, but he opted only to give the slightest hint of his concealed crown. Ah well, we’ll save “Capture the Crown” for a future game.

6 thoughts on “A Kinglet Contest

  1. I’m pretty sure if I had seen him flitting about I’d have assumed he was a goldfinch in winter feathers. But I guess if he’s flitting among camelia branches he’s in the south so I won’t see him here anyway. I’ll have to look him up and see what the flaming crown might be, I do see that little red dot on the back of his head. Interesting…

  2. Any time you can get excellent photographs such as these of a frantic Kinglet, you are a clear winner! Kudos on having the patience to stick with it.

  3. My first sighting of a ruby crowned kinglet was in my big camellia by a window. They come every winter to feast on tiny insects, though I’ve never captured one in a photo! Thanks for sharing

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