Tiny Twitcher

Good News! My resident Ruby-crowned Kinglet has left the covering of the Camelia Bush, having discovered the pleasure of feasting on Bark Butter!

These tiny twitchers are in constant motion, so I was pleasantly surprised to get several unfuzzy photos of this little fellow!

If they pause, it is only for an instant…

…then it’s back to tasting and twitching.

I kept waiting (and hoping…and praying…) for him to flare his red head feathers, but the only time he came close was when he had to relocate to a nearby branch…

…because the Bark Butter had been rudely commandeered by a Blue Jay – who really just used it as a landing point en route to the peanuts.

I haven’t given up on capturing his ruby crown…

…but for now, I’ll just be grateful that he is getting more comfortable with my presence.

8 thoughts on “Tiny Twitcher

  1. I looked these guys up in my trusty “Birds in Michigan” book. We have them in the UP (Upper Peninsula) in the summer, and down here as they migrate through. I’m sure if I ever saw one I’d think it was a goldfinch. Would be cool to see one, maybe they’ll stop by this spring on their way back up north.

  2. This little fellow is so endearing. And now he seems to have become obliging, since discovering the bark butter canteen. I’m waiting for his crown to top these great photos off when he deigns to pop it up for all of us waiting & watching with you, Kathy.

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