The Bluebirds Are Building

It is the beginning of breeding season, and birds are beginning to pair up and build their nests.

This morning I noticed a female bluebird bringing small sticks and a few strands of mulch to one of the houses we set up last year.  I watched her make several trips, and then ran inside to get my camera, hoping she would continue the process.



With bluebirds, the male locates the nesting cavity and then tries to entice the female to join him.  He provides a few twigs or a bit of dried grass for nesting material, and then perches at the site and flutters his wings to get her attention.  The female then does the rest of the building herself.  Hmmm…no comment on that arrangement!


If you haven’t already done so, now would be a great time to put out a bluebird house.  When the eggs hatch, the baby birds are incredibly entertaining to watch.