Barometric Brains

There are times that my weather app is humorously inaccurate; like when it tells me there is zero percent chance of precipitation as I am running for cover from the raindrops! My backyard birds, on the other hand, seem to be blessed with barometric brains! They can sense when the weather is going to take a turn for the worse and are rather good at communicating it.

Take this afternoon, for example. I took the dogs outside and was met by a frenzy of darting birds, landing on the bare Bark Butter branches and clearly conveying that I should get busy and remedy the situation before the bad weather hit. Now, I don’t want you to think that I let the birds boss me around…but I got busy and remedied the situation! And sure enough, in no time at all, the skies darkened and the temperature dipped.

I didn’t stay out long, but I snapped a few shots of the early arrivals, like this lovely Downy Woodpecker.

This white-breasted Nuthatch scooped up a beak-full…

…while this Brown-headed Nuthatch waited for his turn in the overhead branches.

And one Warbler after another swooped in to grab a quick bite to eat.

Now, the weather app is promising that the rain isn’t due to arrive for awhile yet, but I’m gonna place my bet on the birds!