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Sunset Sip

This vibrant Pine Warbler showed up for a sip of water in the early evening hours. The setting sun highlighted his feathers, lending them an even gleamier golden glow than usual. Having this guy around always brightens my day. 🙂

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From Talons to Tongue

If you happened to see yesterday’s post, you know that I got a new camera to play with – Merry Christmas to me!  Thanks Mom and Dad!  Well, this little Canon is basically a Powershot on steroids with a zoom … Continue reading

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Striking A Pensive Pose

This male House Finch perched on the branch and struck a rather pensive pose.  He is a handsome fellow. 🙂

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Everything That Glitters…

You know how the saying goes – Everything that glitters isn’t gold. Well, the reverse is true as well – Everything that’s gold doesn’t necessarily glitter…sometimes it gleams!  Like the golden eye of this Brown Thrasher. Though his gleaming glare … Continue reading

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A Tiny Trinity

The trinity has been making frequent appearances in my backyard lately. Now clearly I’m not talking about the capital “T” version – Father, Son, and Holy Ghost – although they too are regulars at my house! No, I’m talking about … Continue reading

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Fall’s Finest

The chipmunks are back in full force these days. Dressed in fall’s finest colors, these mischief makers gobble up the birdseed without any signs of remorse, and I just stand there and let them get away with it.  I guess … Continue reading

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Dart, Dash, And Dive

While hanging out with the Heron at the Chattahoochee River yesterday, the place was abuzz with dragonflies.  I have to confess, before picking up a camera a couple of years ago, I found these creatures to be a bit disconcerting. … Continue reading

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