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Lighthearted Limericks – Pine Warbler

When this handsome Pine Warbler showed up, he came carrying a limerick just begging to be shared. The gleaming gold bird with barred wing Boasts of beauty that’s fit for a king From the tree-tops he croons A melodious tune … Continue reading

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Making Muddy Memories

My daughter and I have established a bit of a tradition.  Twice a year – once in the fall and once in the spring – we spend a weekend together hiking, eating, laughing, and sharing our dreams…and did I mention … Continue reading

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A Back-up Plan

My original plan for today had been to head back to Red Top Mountain so Tucker could romp in the lake, but my back decided to go into a bit of a spasm so I opted for a back-up plan … Continue reading

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The Toddler and the Turtle

This morning, while Tucker and I were in the backyard, I saw him stop and give something a quizzical, “I’m not sure what this is” kind of look. When I glanced at the path nearby, I saw the object of … Continue reading

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The Colourful Feathers of Fall

Over the weekend, I ventured down into the backyard to see what kind of activity was happening on the land level.  The birds that showed up all seemed to be feathered in the colours of fall. Now, before going on, … Continue reading

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Lovely Lilies

I paid a visit to Gibbs Gardens yesterday and spent the morning gazing at the loveliness of water lilies. The white blossoms had a moon-glowish somewhat ethereal appearance… while the deep purple petals seemed a fitting crown for Maleficent. My … Continue reading

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An Un-Scarlet Tanager

While I was cooking dinner last night (lemon garlic pork loin, baked potatoes, sugar kiss melon, and potato rolls – in case you were curious) I glanced out the kitchen window and saw a boisterous family of Bluebirds at one … Continue reading

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