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Joined By The Juveniles

After the Grosbeak that starred in my previous post fueled up and flew off, another handsome fellow paid a visit to the backyard… …and this guy brought two juveniles with him, whom we shall call Thing One… …and Thing Two! … Continue reading

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Holly Berry Bandits

Cedar Waxwings are the bird world’s best bandits! Around the time that my front yard Holly Tree is bursting with berries, these marvelous masked beauties arrive and help themselves to the booty. Since the tree is ginormous, it usually takes … Continue reading

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A Snack Between Showers

Today’s forecast called for steady rain with waves of thunder storms, so when we had a brief break in the wet weather, I filled up the feeders and ventured out with the hopes of taking a few photos. The birds … Continue reading

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Sippers, Drippers, and a Triple Dipper

With the weather warmer and less rainy, the backyard birds aren’t just showing up for feasting, they are enjoying beverages and bathing as well. Some are sippers… Some are drippers… And this Brown Thrasher was a triple dipper! First he … Continue reading

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Brief But Beautiful

Well, I got my wish! We had a brief but beautiful snowfall this morning. The skies weren’t bright enough to get many clear photos, but I enjoyed sitting outside amidst the snowflakes and the hungry birds. Here’a a sample of … Continue reading

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Some Near-Freezing Feasting

The temperatures here in Not-So-Hotlanta have been hovering right around freezing, bringing a flurry of birds to the backyard in search of food and water…and one birdbrain to the backyard in hopes of taking their pictures! This morning, a handsome … Continue reading

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Gobble, Grab, and Go

If my backyard bird buffet had a fast-food name it could easily be called “The Gobble, Grab, and Go”! Birds show up to gobble up some food… …grab some to take with them… …and then off they go. Come to … Continue reading

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