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The Ruin of Radiant

Ever since my elementary-aged self read Charlotte’s Web, the word “radiant” has been forever ruined for me. Whenever I hears that seven letter word, my mind imagines it masterfully woven into the web of that sagacious spider. And although the … Continue reading

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An Amphibious Invitation

The other day, while I was out taking pictures of Water Lilies, this fine fellow invited me over to his pad. His intentions seemed “toadally” above reproach, more amphibious than amorous, so we enjoyed a nice chat and then I … Continue reading

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Birds of Fall

Gold and copper Rust and brown Right-side-up and Up-side-down Black and white Big and small My backyard’s filled with the birds of fall!

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First Feathers of Fall

Today was the first chance I’ve had to take my camera outside since the official arrival of fall.  Here is a sample of the backyard birds that showed up. I think it’s gonna be a great season for taking pictures … Continue reading

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The Fine Art of Peanut Packing

One of the young Jays that frequents the backyard feeders has been learning the fine art of peanut packing! He used to show up, quickly grab a single peanut, and then fly off to eat it elsewhere, but now he … Continue reading

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A Resolute Rodent

Who is the arch enemy of every bird-feeding human? Why this bushy-tailed thief, of course! The squirrels in my backyard are resolute rodents to say the least!  They wait until they think the coast is clear… …and then land on … Continue reading

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Nutty Buddies

The Brown-headed Nuthatch is by far the friendliest bird in my backyard. This cheerful chirper is highly inquisitive and not the least bit shy. He loves peanuts and Bark Butter, with the remnants of the latter clearly seen around his … Continue reading

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