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Gobble, Grab, and Go

If my backyard bird buffet had a fast-food name it could easily be called “The Gobble, Grab, and Go”! Birds show up to gobble up some food… …grab some to take with them… …and then off they go. Come to … Continue reading

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Runway Ready

Male Bluebirds (at least in my humble opinion!) are some of the most beautiful birds in the world. The ones that frequent my backyard feeders have mastered the fine art of perfect picture posing. The females are lovely too – … Continue reading

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Bird Break

Some days (Okay, most days!) I find I work better if I build in some rewards – like taking “bird breaks” to step outside and snap a few photos. Here are the first five birds that made an appearance during … Continue reading

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A Surprise Passerby

I was recently surprised by a visit from an unexpected passerby… …a female Scarlet Tanager. These birds are not common visitors to my backyard. The males, with their bright red bodies and bold black wings are easy to spot, but … Continue reading

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Pulling, Pruning, and Picture Taking

I took a couple of hours yesterday to pull up a mob of canna lilies that were determined to take over the front yard flower bed and to prune the butterfly bush and the zinia garden. Then, today, as if … Continue reading

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Cardinal Comb-over

Summer is the season where my Cardinals are not their usual stunning selves! The phrase “Bald is beautiful!” definitely does not apply to them! During this time of molting, some of them look like they are trying to use the … Continue reading

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Sunny Sunday Swallowtail

Between the scorching heat here in “Hotlanta” and the duties and distractions of everyday Labs…I mean, life…I haven’t gotten out with the camera as much as I would like. So, setting the lame excuses aside, I decided to take some … Continue reading

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