Fast Feeding Phoebes

I find Phoebes fascinating to watch!

They sit on a perch, rhythmically bobbing their tails, while scanning the area for an easy meal to snare. Then they dart down, grab their prey, and return to their perch to enjoy their catch.

Well, the other day, I guess unsuspecting insects were scarce, because I saw a Phoebe using the same approach, only on Bark Butter instead of bugs!

He swooped down from the overhead branch…

…and then grabbed some Bark Butter midflight, eating it enroute to the next perch.

His Mom had probably taught him that it was poor manners to eat too fast, because he paused for a moment or two…

and then repeated the process.

I think he has discovered that Bark Butter is easier to catch than bugs!

I hope he enjoyed eating his meal as much as I enjoyed watching him.

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