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Slightly Sleety

I was hoping for a snowy morning today, but instead got slightly sleety! The weather seemed to make the birds rather antsy (they are spoiled to our mild southern winters!) and they wasted no time showing up to gobble food … Continue reading

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Ghoulish or Gorgeous

At first glance, Grackles might seem to have a rather ghoulish appearance. Their gleaming gold eyes and midnight feathers make them fitting material for one one Poe’s poems! But if you look at them more closely, these birds are actually … Continue reading

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Curious and Glorious

Many of my backyard birds (like the Red-bellied Woodpecker and Blue Jay below) are curious creatures that show up ready to explore the area in search of peanuts… …but the Pine Warblers this time of year are positively glorious, mini-masterpieces … Continue reading

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Some Near-Freezing Feasting

The temperatures here in Not-So-Hotlanta have been hovering right around freezing, bringing a flurry of birds to the backyard in search of food and water…and one birdbrain to the backyard in hopes of taking their pictures! This morning, a handsome … Continue reading

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Gobble, Grab, and Go

If my backyard bird buffet had a fast-food name it could easily be called “The Gobble, Grab, and Go”! Birds show up to gobble up some food… …grab some to take with them… …and then off they go. Come to … Continue reading

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Mid-November Monarchs

Maybe they’re the kind that are always the last to leave the party, or perhaps they are perpetual procrastinators, or maybe it’s just that they simply refuse to accept the reality that summer has ended – whatever the reason, this … Continue reading

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A Surprise Passerby

I was recently surprised by a visit from an unexpected passerby… …a female Scarlet Tanager. These birds are not common visitors to my backyard. The males, with their bright red bodies and bold black wings are easy to spot, but … Continue reading

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