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Singing in the Sunlight

Loved the way the morning light was casting a glow on this songster. Advertisements

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Look…Up In The Sky…

Look…up in the sky…it’s a bird…it’s a plane – Well, of course it was a bird, but one I didn’t recognize. As I was standing on the deck the other day, I kept seeing little flashes of lemon in the … Continue reading

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Lighthearted Limericks – Pine Warbler

When this handsome Pine Warbler showed up, he came carrying a limerick just begging to be shared. The gleaming gold bird with barred wing Boasts of beauty that’s fit for a king From the tree-tops he croons A melodious tune … Continue reading

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Cheerful Chirpers

My backyard has been swarming with Chickadees lately. Whether it’s due to their curious nature, their cheerful chirping, or their social personalities – everyone seems to love these little birds. I have never seen a Chickadee act aggressively toward another … Continue reading

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The Usual Order of Events

Much to my delight, the Red-headed Woodpecker that returned in the spring has continued to show up during the summer months.  I have to confess, he is a pretty predictable fellow. His usual order of events is to first swoop … Continue reading

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How ‘Bout Them Birds

I have fond memories of going to the ballpark when I was growing up, watching the Baltimore Orioles play at Memorial Stadium.  Double-headers were the best; which in those days meant two games for the price of one.  We would … Continue reading

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A Good, Good Father

One of my favorite contemporary worship songs is called, “You’re a Good, Good Father” – the chorus of which usually leaves me a bit misty-eyed. Well, that’s the title that came to mind as I watched this male Red-bellied Woodpecker … Continue reading

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