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The Bachelor or the Bathtub?

The female Cardinals in my backyard aren’t getting a moment’s peace these days. The other day I watched as three brilliant bachelors (in color, not intellect) did their best to impress a lovely lady, while also trying to intimidate each … Continue reading

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Lakes and Trails and Labra-tails

Since hubby just returned from a work trip and had the day off from the office, we decided to take advantage of the early spring weather and head to Lake Allatoona – Lab in tow, of course! As soon as … Continue reading

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Doing His Best to Look Dashing

The male Bluebird that hangs about my backyard is doing his best to look dashing these days.  He is rather comical as he strikes pose… …after pose… …after pose… trying to capture the attention of this lovely lady. Whenever she … Continue reading

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A Splash of Red

I remember a designer friend of mine once saying that every room needs a touch of black; well, I am of the thought that every backyard is in need of a splash of red! This fine looking fellow stopped in … Continue reading

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A Glad-hearted Greeting and a Fond Farewell

Well, let’s get the farewell out of the way first, shall we? As you may recall, a little over a month ago, we welcomed Tilly into our home – a lab mix who was in desperate need of some TLC. … Continue reading

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Seeing Their First Sunrise

These daffodils that blossomed yesterday got to see their first sunrise this morning. A happy way to start the day! 🙂

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Seeing Red

I’m definitely seeing red lately…red feathers anyway! The Cardinals are out in full force this year. This lovely female stopped by the other day.  She was shy, but still curious. I love her sweet subdued beauty. I think she would … Continue reading

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