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Another Peanut Packer

Typically, when I post about a backyard peanut packer, it’s the Blue Jay who has the starring role…like this fellow… But the Jays aren’t the only one with a preference for Planters.  Chipmunks are also nut lovers and will sit … Continue reading

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Red, White, and…Black

Typically, a Memorial Day post would feature red, white and blue and be about defending our freedom (and I am truly grateful for the freedoms I have and those who have defended them!) but in my backyard, Memorial Day features … Continue reading

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Please Don’t Lunch On The Lilies

Whereas our backyard is overflowing with bird feeders, our front yard is filled with flowers – with Lilies being the beauties that are currently blossoming. This morning, I went out and snapped a few photos while the raindrops from last … Continue reading

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A Lovely Lizard

A lovely little lizard has been lounging on my front porch pillar lately. She, whom I have taken to calling Lola, is a creature of gorgeous glowing green, with some cool aquatic colors around her eye. I’m not sure how … Continue reading

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A Cause for Celebration

Yesterday, was a day of celebration in our home.  Our daughter graduated from Berry College with a dual major in English Literature and Spanish, and with a love for learning (and for God) that has her heading to seminary in … Continue reading

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It’s Time To Tone My Triceps

I hate to admit it, but I’m at that age and stage where whatever firmness my arm muscles once possessed has vanished without a trace.  But rather than succumb to this flabby fate without a fight, I’ve decided to take … Continue reading

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The Boys Are Bright (And Ready To Fight!)

With mating season upon us, the fellas have been sporting their finest feathers, whether it’s radiant red… …or gleaming gold… …or a little bit of both with a background of black. Not only are they dressed to impress, but they … Continue reading

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