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Singing in the Sunlight

Loved the way the morning light was casting a glow on this songster. Advertisements

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Look…Up In The Sky…

Look…up in the sky…it’s a bird…it’s a plane – Well, of course it was a bird, but one I didn’t recognize. As I was standing on the deck the other day, I kept seeing little flashes of lemon in the … Continue reading

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Lighthearted Limericks – Pine Warbler

When this handsome Pine Warbler showed up, he came carrying a limerick just begging to be shared. The gleaming gold bird with barred wing Boasts of beauty that’s fit for a king From the tree-tops he croons A melodious tune … Continue reading

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A Back-up Plan

My original plan for today had been to head back to Red Top Mountain so Tucker could romp in the lake, but my back decided to go into a bit of a spasm so I opted for a back-up plan … Continue reading

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A Butterfly-filled Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday (my 33rd plus 20) and one of my favorite gifts was the abundance of butterflies that showed up. Several Cloudless Sulphurs were fluttering about the fading Zinnias. Typically, these beauties don’t sit still long enough to … Continue reading

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Cheerful Chirpers

My backyard has been swarming with Chickadees lately. Whether it’s due to their curious nature, their cheerful chirping, or their social personalities – everyone seems to love these little birds. I have never seen a Chickadee act aggressively toward another … Continue reading

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The Colourful Feathers of Fall

Over the weekend, I ventured down into the backyard to see what kind of activity was happening on the land level.  The birds that showed up all seemed to be feathered in the colours of fall. Now, before going on, … Continue reading

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