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A Friendly Fall Favorite

The temperature dropped twenty degrees overnight, and the almost fall-ish weather brought in a flurry of bird activity – including a visit from one of my favorites, the Brown-headed Nuthatch. These friendly little birds are quite inquisitive and incredibly cute, … Continue reading

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First Feathers of Fall

I was at Moss Lake when Autumn officially arrived, so today was my first chance of the new season to head outside and see which backyard bird would be the first to have a fall photo taken. This Red-bellied Woodpecker … Continue reading

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Labra-mutts at Moss Lake

Peaceful…picturesque…the perfect place to escape for a little soul replenishing…that’s how I’d describe the house hubby and I rented on Moss Lake this past week. The scenery was beautiful – The wildlife was plentiful – And the location was close … Continue reading

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Beatin’ the Heat

Although fall has officially arrived, the weather is still on the warm side, which makes fresh water a lure for the birds. This White-breasted Nuthatch dropped in for a drink the other day. I’ve tried telling him he doesn’t need … Continue reading

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Revealing or Concealing?

I remember when my now 26 year old son was a toddler. Whenever he was out of my sight and was contemplating misbehaving he would call out, “Are you watching me?” The answer was, of course, “I am now!” He … Continue reading

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Pulling, Pruning, and Picture Taking

I took a couple of hours yesterday to pull up a mob of canna lilies that were determined to take over the front yard flower bed and to prune the butterfly bush and the zinia garden. Then, today, as if … Continue reading

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Guardian of the Garden

This Gulf Fritillary has seemingly appointed himself guardian of the garden and regards it as his personal domain. I mean really, doesn’t he look like he’s striking a rather possessive pose? Well, all was well and good until the first … Continue reading

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