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Return of the Red-bellied

Now that the Flicker who had been frequenting the feeders in the winter months has disappeared, the Red-bellied Woodpeckers have once again become regular backyard visitors. This fellow dropped in the other day to partake of some peanuts. He perched … Continue reading

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Announcement of Availability

I have been enjoying watching the male birds in the backyard announce their availability to the eligible females. Some, like the Cowbirds, perch on a branch and then poof their feathers while loudly serenading their perspective mates. The Red-winged Blackbirds … Continue reading

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A Springtime Labra-rhyme

Spring’s at last sprung And the dogs are quite muddy He chases the toys While she chases her buddy! Leaping and lunging They’re off to the races With happy Lab tails And happy Lab faces Splashing and dashing Tugging on … Continue reading

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A Declaration of Dominance

This handsome (but “hangry”) Red-bellied Woodpecker landed on the Bark Butter Branch the other day. Immediately, he declared his dominance to the Red-winged Blackbirds that were waiting in the wings. He gave a warning to his right… …and a warning … Continue reading

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Wooing and Pursuing

Mating season is upon us, and the male Bluebird is doing his darndest to capture the attention and win the affection of his female counterpart. His wooing and pursuing have taken the form of striking impressive poses… …poofing his handsome … Continue reading

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Towhee Time

I was so glad I had my camera in hand when this beautiful female Towhee stopped in for a bath. Since they are ground feeders and rarely come up to the deck, I don’t get to take their picture as … Continue reading

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Clusters of Color

There is a house on the road leading into our neighborhood that is bursting with blooming tulips…thousands of them! The other day, hubby saw their garage door open and asked if his wife could come with her camera and traipse … Continue reading

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