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Puddling Like Prell

While on our “Mutts to the Mountains” get-away, we were delighted to see an abundance of beautiful butterflies fluttering about. Instead of hovering over flowers (which aren’t fully blooming yet) many of them were “puddling” – which is when they … Continue reading

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A Last Hurrah Hodgepodge

With the temperatures dipping below bone-chilling, I am missing the warmer weather we had on our trip to Florida, as well as the beauty we were blessed to be surrounded with while at the wetlands. So, I thought I’d do … Continue reading

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A Wonderland of White

Here in Hotlanta, the weather has been unusually wintry – way too cold for us warm weather wimps. We even had some snow flurries dancing about in the air yesterday. Now, I am not a fan of below freezing temperatures … Continue reading

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One Gorgeous Gallinule

During our visit to the Orlando Wetlands, Rick (aka sexy camera caddie!) and I went down a trail that was a peninsula between two marshes. As we approached the end, a blur of purple and green caught my eye before … Continue reading

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A Few Words of Wisdom

I just got back from spending a couple of days in Titusville, exploring the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge and the Orlando Wetlands Park.  While it is still fresh on my mind, I thought I’d pass along a few words of … Continue reading

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There’s No Place Like Home

A week ago we were just getting back from Orcas Island, where we watched whales… …explored trails… …and enjoyed the beauty of land and sea. And while our trip was beyond wonderful, I think Dorothy was right when she said, … Continue reading

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Same Kind of Different As Me

There’s a popular book that bears the title Same Kind of Different as Me, as well as a movie based on the book, but it also seemed a fitting title for this post. While in Orcas Island, I would wake-up … Continue reading

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A Little Horsing Around

While visiting my daughter this past weekend, we took some time to hang out with the horses that roam the fields on Berry’s mountain campus. Right away, I recognized a fellow that I’ve seen on several previous visits who seemed to … Continue reading

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Herons and Egrets and Gulls, Oh My!

I think as a finale for my Dauphin Island trip, I will simply share a collage of some of the birds that we saw as we walked along the bay in the late afternoon/early evening hours each day.  I’ll include a white … Continue reading

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I Call Them All Otis

Dauphin Island is known for its abundant Pelican population, and since it seemed like they spent their days simply “sittin’ on the dock of the bay” – I took to calling them all Otis! When these birds weren’t lounging on the … Continue reading

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