We Have A Winner…


“This beautiful, bustling blue jay bobbled blissfully on the branch as he bilged on the bountiful buffet.”

This winning caption, with its lovely alliteration, was written by Charlotte Noble.  Congratulations Charlotte!  Although there is no grand prize, consider yourself the recipient of ooh’s, aah’s, and endless admiration for your clever entry!

Runner up goes to Holly Holton for her expert combination of “bird words” and “cooking channel concepts.”  Holly wrote: “Avian gastronome initiates the “Great Backyard Gullet-Stuff.”

Finally, honorable mention goes to Halle Hammond, for submitting the most philosophical comment:  “Why does the bird need the seeds? What society has this bird running such a rat race that he cannot take his time and enjoy life one seed at a time?”

Thanks to all who played along.  I had a blast reading your entries!



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