A Snowy Day Dozen (Plus Three)

I awoke this morning to a thin layer of snow covering the ground and huge gusts of wind shaking the trees.  My first thought was – “I have to get outside with my camera!”  So I pulled on my boots, grabbed my gloves, and made my way to the backyard to see which birds would show up.

There was a constant flurry of activity, but the most common and constant visitor of the day was by far the Bluebirds.  At times there were about fifteen of them swooping from one feeder to another.  These beauties ate so much that I told my husband he might need to go drill bigger holes in their houses!

Now I took over a hundred pictures…okay, over three hundred…okay, over five hundred…would you believe about eight hundred?  But rather than bombard you with photographs, let’s just let the Bluebirds be the star and give them a gallery all of their own.

As I stood outside snapping picture after picture, I kept hearing Peyton Manning’s voice ringing in my ears – “Losing feeling in my toes!”  I also lost feeling in my nose and my shutter pressing finger, but it was oh so glorious to be outside amidst such beauty!

31 thoughts on “A Snowy Day Dozen (Plus Three)

  1. I just love to see the color of birds in snow, they just seem to be even more vibrant. Wonderful captures, Kathy, and kudos for braving the cold. I’ve been out on my balcony off and on all day photographing & freezing my limbs too. 🙂

  2. I know you feed the blue birds dried mealy worms but what kind of a feeder do you put them in? Billie Moan

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    1. Homemade feeder trays. My husband took some PVC piping and cut it in half to make a little trough and then screwed it into the side of our deck railing. It hangs just out of site and I fill it with a mixture of seed, peanuts, and meal worms.

  3. Kathy I think I died and went to bird heaven, these are so magical and beautiful especially with the snow. You are so lucky to see so many birds in the winter. In Australia they seem to disappear here, except for the red robins. I would have taken just as many photos if I had this kind of opportunity.

      1. I get it, I don’t take that many but would if the birds stayed long enough. I sat waiting this morning for one good shot of a King Parrot but the light was not good, so I just enjoyed his magnificence and savoured the moment. I love your blog.

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