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So, I need a little assistance.  In a couple of weeks I get to start leading a Bible study on the life of the prophet Elijah – you know – the guy that God had the birds feed!
Typically, I make a notebook of materials for all the ladies in my group, complete with a personally designed cover, which is great fun for me.

Which of these potential covers do you prefer, the Warbler or the Cardinal?  I’m having a hard time deciding.

Thanks for your input!

44 thoughts on “Cover Contest

  1. I like them both! The color of your letters is a little easier on the eyes with the Cardinal. Perhaps a darker color like a dark brown would look a little nicer for the Warbler? Just an idea! Your photos look wonderful on both birds! 💙💜❤️

    1. Hmmm…looks like you are in the minority here. You must be the type that likes to color outside the lines! By the way, did you ever get to see your Cardinal?

  2. I love both of them. I guess it has to do with what character does God show me in the expression of each bird, which is closest to what I see Elijah as portraying? I would probably make the heading larger and bolder also. The warbler seems more trusting, and is ‘out on a limb’ so to speak as a prophet, his prophesies put him into dire situations. The Cardinal looks very serious and confident, which is not what I see Elijah, the Bible depicts him as a sensitive melancholic taken to depression, but extremely passionate for God’s will. I don’t know if that helps Kathy, but blessings on your Bible study. We start our first Life Group(bible study fellowship) for the year in our home this week also:-)

    1. I am really looking forward to the study. I think there will be a good number of ladies and we enjoy the time together. And it does indeed look like the Warbler will be the chosen one. 🙂

  3. I’m going to agree with almost everybody else and go with the Warbler! I also thought that Ravens would be appropriate, but Warblers work too! 🙂

  4. I would take the warbler, but only because there´s more light in the picture. They are both wonderful, and I´m glad I don´t have to make the final decision! 😊

  5. Both of them are really cute but as a visual designer perspective I’ll go with Cardinal. You can see the perfect contrast in background and foreground. The space around subject (Cardinal) I mean the first photo is edge to edge, here the subject is more prominently featured. Just need to play with typography( size, font, color etc) you can place it somewhere on the top like the in the first one you did, so it will be readable.
    No doubt about photography both are equally great. These suggestions are only for cover design 😊

  6. The Warbler gets my vote. I feel it fits better in the context. The emotion in the picture is right for the purpose 🙂

  7. I like the green one, you don’t see those very often. Also, I have nominated you for the Three Day Quote Challenge. You don’t have to participate, but I hope you will. Want to read the quotes you will share.

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