A Fall Flashback

When I walked outside with the Labramutts this afternoon, a flutter of wings in the overhead Dogwood branches caught my attention.
It was a handsome Wood Thrush who had stopped by to sample some of the bright red berries.

I don’t see these birds all that often; in fact, the last time I recall having one visit the backyard was about this time last year, when this beauty stopped by.

Now, why am I showing you old pictures instead of pictures I took today?
Well, because I didn’t take any pictures today!

And why didn’t I take any pictures today, you might ask?
Because my camera is packed away.

And why is my camera packed away?
Because it is following suit with the rest of our household belongings, as hubby and I prepare to move.

Relocating wasn’t even on our radar, but we felt like God was prompting us to move closer to my folks and our new grandgirlie, so that is what we are in the process of doing.

The good news is that our new backyard will be a lovely wooded lot, so I am hoping for more bird photos in the not too distant future.

I hope your Thanksgiving and Christmas are blessed, and I’ll see you at the start of 2022!

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