Foul Weather Friends

I’ve heard of “fair-weather friends” before, but I’m pretty sure my backyard birds are “foul-weather friends.” Or perhaps “freezing-weather friends” would be more precise!

The temps here in Georgia were in the twenties this morning, and the birds seemed more than willing to accept my presence providing I kept the feeders full.

The “regulars” appeared right away – like the Pine Warblers…

…and the White-breasted Nuthatches…

…and the Downy’s…

and Bluebird…

…after Bluebird…

…after Bluebird.

The female Red-bellied Woodpecker stopped in…

…and, her male counterpart made his first close-up appearance since I moved in. I guess his hunger outweighed his hesitation!

He is so stunningly gorgeous!

Perhaps my favorite visitor who paused ever so briefly for a picture was the Brown Creeper that popped in for a moment. I haven’t gotten many pictures of these fun little birds in the past, so I am hoping that this one was a preview of coming attractions!

I absolutely love going out with my camera when the air is cold and my nose is frozen and my fingers are almost too numb to press the shutter button. Probably sounds crazy, but I find it so refreshing.

So here’s hoping for more winter weather and more birds to enjoy it with!

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