A Peanut Pole to Pack

Well, when we left our last house, I said a sad goodbye to the beautiful dead branches (some would scoff at that description!) that I had strapped to my deck…all except the peanut pole! That simply had to be loaded into a pod.

I’m glad we brought it along because it’s already becoming a favorite place to grab a bite for many of the birds.

This male Pine Warbler swooped in the other day to investigate.

He sampled the ware and was in no hurry to leave the plentiful supply of peanuts.

When he saw a rival male giving the location a glance…

…he flew to the top of the pole to guard his new found treasure.

It is so entertaining to watch the bird antics. They really do have unique personalities!

8 thoughts on “A Peanut Pole to Pack

  1. I think a pine pole is something my birds would enjoy. I have a flat feeder, a oiler feeder, a suet feeder and a thistle feeder. All the birds like all of them. I put peanuts o the deck railing too. My birds are spoiled.

    1. Sounds like you already have quite a spread for them…but a peanut pole would still be fun! We took a limb that we found while hiking and drilled some holes in the side…voila…a handy dandy popular feeder!

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