April or November?

I woke this morning to cold air and cloudy skies, much more like November than April! For a brief moment, we even had hail!

But, I still wanted to head outside with the camera for a bit because we put out a new “feeder” last night. I had mentioned to my household hero that I would like a feeding trough that I could hang between two trees and before I knew it he had carved out a center strip from a section of pine tree that had fallen and hung it up. Presto! Perfect feeder!

Let’s just say I can already tell this is going to be a hit.

The Bluebirds were busy grabbing mealworms to take to their babies…

…and this Yellow-rumped Warbler (who is sporting his darker, “soon-ready-to-migrate” colors) was sampling some seed.

This cute little Titmouse was investigating the offerings (and later grabbed a peanut)…

…and this beautiful male Cardinal landed and lingered, which is something I’ve been waiting for!

I’ll head back out and see who else shows up when it feels like April again!

6 thoughts on “April or November?

  1. Lovely, photogenic feeder! This morning when I went out to fill the feeders (it was 31 degrees) a little chickadee came down and bounced around on a tree near the metal can where I keep the seed. I took a cup over to the flat feeder and the little bird hopped down to the metal can rim, peering in to see if he could reach something on his own. I waited until he moved back to the tree then went over and got a handful of oilers out and offered it to him. He hopped lower, and lower. He wouldn’t come to my hand, but he let me move the hand closer to him, and he reached over and selected his seed, then went up a branch to eat it. Cute little guy. It was so fun to communicate with him that way.

    1. Fun! I make a little clicking sound when I go out to fill the feeders. My hope is that they learn to associate the sound with the food and with my presence. Not sure if it is working, or if I just sound like a slightly crazy person out in the yard!

      1. Hahahaha. I click to my birds too, when I’m out at Kensington where they come down to people to eat, and here at home. Same thought as you, maybe they will get to know it’s me.

  2. Reading you post, I think I could be forgiven for a moment having to stop and remember that you were not in the UK as it’s been very much like that here lately. As always love seeing all the amazing birds that come to visit you.

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