Oh Happy Day!

Oh Happy Day!
And what might be the cause of this exclamation? Well, I saw my first Blue Jay in the backyard today!

I had just finished filling the feeders when I heard the fake (but convincing) cry of a Hawk, which could only mean one thing. Sure enough, a moment later, in swooped a beautiful blur of blue.

He gave me a quick glance…

…and then flew to a different perch and let out several LOUD calls, which I am hoping was a signal to his Blue Jay friends of his newly discovered location.

Then, he set out to investigate the food selection.

He seemed to prefer the new feeding trough, and sampled a bit of seed before flying off to the trees just outside of the yard.

Blue Jays might just be my favorite bird to photograph. They have such big personalities. I am so hoping that today was the beginning of a long and meaningful relationship!

7 thoughts on “Oh Happy Day!

  1. I had last summer what I call my ‘band of 5 thugs’ which was a group of bluejays that swooped in and pushed everybody out until they got their (or more than their) share. The day we did the backyard bird count, (was that February?) I actually counted 11 of them in my feeders and on my railing and other places I’d put oilers, all at one time! Sooooo…maybe I have MORE than a band of 5! I think what happened this winter is that the babies of the summer before all showed up to eat.

  2. I love blue jays, we don’t see many in San Diego. Only in the mountains and they are Stellers Jays, I believe. We sometimes see scrub jays in the city. They were the main bird when I moved here 50 years ago, but the mocking birds took over the territory! Also we have Cooper’s hawks, red shoulder hawks! We get many migratory birds here during the winter. Great for bird watching.

    1. Mocking Birds are definitely territorial!
      If I ever make it across the country to San Diego, I’ll have to ask for bird watching recommendations!

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