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Fight or Flight

This Gray Catbird has been making an appearance lately, but he certainly hasn’t been relaxed!  Every time I’ve seen him so far he’s been in that “fight or flight” stance, which I’m pretty sure we can blame on the resident … Continue reading

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Return Of The Catbirds

After spending the winter months in Saint Somewhere, a pair of Catbirds has returned to my backyard for the spring and summer seasons. Now some may find these birds to be a bit dull and drab, but I see them … Continue reading

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Da da da da da da da da…Catbird!

Okay, the title of this blog was meant to be sung to the Batman tune because, personally, I think the gray-garbed catbird appears much better suited to be Batman’s sidekick than the orange-breasted robin. But hey, even though this capped … Continue reading

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