Power Outage Pictures

A brief but boisterous storm swept through the area this past weekend, leaving flash flooding, downed trees and a power outage in its wake…which seemed like a perfect picture taking time to me!

As soon as the rain subsided, I filled the feeders and the birds began to arrive.

This bedraggled Blue Jay was the first to drop in and check out the offerings.

A young Thrasher showed up soon after and awkwardly gobbled up Bark Butter…

…while an adult waited in the wings.

My Red-headed Woodpecker couple was quick to show up. I was so hoping they would land together and pose for a shot, but they took turns. He swooped in first and grabbed a peanut from the tray…

…and then she helped herself to some Bark Butter from the branch.

A grey catbird showed up to pose and then grab some grub to go.

My catbird couple has a youngster, but they haven’t let it come to the feeders yet.

A damp-feathered Red-bellied Woodpecker dropped in…

…as did a brilliant male Cardinal.

My favorite visitor of the day was a juvenile male Downy Woodpecker. I’m pretty sure it was his first time venturing forth alone and he acted like he had discovered the land of never-ending delight. It was so fun to watch him explore…

…and discover the peanut pole.

He was such a cutie! You can tell he is a juvenile not just by his behavior, but also because the red patch of feathers is on the top of his head instead of the back of his head.

Picture taking was certainly a lovely way to pass the time during the power outage.

4 thoughts on “Power Outage Pictures

  1. Hi Kathy, great photos, as always! How do you tell the sexes of the Red-headed WPs? They look so much alike. I can’t believe how far ahead your breeding season is with fledglings coming to your feeders — we just now have males establishing territories up here in the Northland.

    1. Unless they are side by side I can’t tell….and even then I could be wrong. Their markings are the same, but the one I am labeling “the male” is the larger of the pair.

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