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Another Zinnia Lover

So…turns out I’m not the only Zinnia lover around! This glorious male goldfinch (and a handful of his friends) have taken quite a liking to our colorful front yard flowers. So much beauty! Advertisements

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The Wait Is Over

I’ve been waiting for my Red-headed Woodpecker to bring his little one to the feeders, but so far he has come alone and kept Junior at a distance. I did manage to snag a few fuzzy shots from afar the … Continue reading

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The Fast and the Furious

Okay…first off…a confession is in order…I have never seen the movie that shares the title of this post…nor have I seen any of its sequels…it just seemed to fit today’s backyard bird activity. All the birds that showed up seemed … Continue reading

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A Scene From Seuss

I saw this Silver-spotted Skipper on some sort of funky flower… …and thought to myself… This looks like a scene from Seuss!

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Suspicion Confirmed

The last time I posted pictures of this juvenile Jay, he had followed his Mama to the feeders and was begging for food.  But I suspected that it wouldn’t be long before he was venturing out on his own. Well…suspicion … Continue reading

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Fight, Flight, or Out of Sight

The diminutive Downy Woodpecker is a delightful little bird that rarely makes a fuss. These cuties are regular visitors to the backyard Bark Butter branch. But when a bigger, bossier bird appears on the scene – like this female Red-winged … Continue reading

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Appearances Can Be Deceiving

Did you ever look at someone and make a wrong assumption about them simply because of the way they looked?  I’ve (sadly) done it with people, and this past week, I did it with a bird. It was with this … Continue reading

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