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The 2019 Edition

Every year I put together a Backyard Bird Calendar for my folks, with pictures that were taken over the past twelve months. Here’s the ones that made the 2019 edition. Cover Photo January February March April May June July August … Continue reading

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Saturday Morning Surprise

This morning, hubby filled the cavity in the dogwood with a fistful of peanuts, much to the delight of this nut-loving Nuthatch, who was delighted with the discovery. This fellow, who is of the Red-breasted variety, made trip after trip, … Continue reading

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Dressed to Impress

This gorgeous male Pine Warbler paid a visit the other day. He was sporting his finest fall feathers and looked as if he were definitely dressed to impress. He kept hopping from branch to branch, striking a pose, and then … Continue reading

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This perky pilferer paused in a picture perfect pose to proudly portray his perfectly plump peanut!

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A Tiny Trio

A trio of Nuthatches arrived as soon as I went outside to replenish the peanuts and lather up the branches with some Bark Butter this afternoon. I think they were hoping for some protein since the temperature was dropping and … Continue reading

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A Few More Moments With Majesty

With butterfly season well past its peak, the few stragglers that are remaining have lost a lot of their luster. So, imagine my surprise when I stepped outside to see almost a dozen Monarchs fluttering about the front yard butterfly … Continue reading

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First Feathers of Fall

Today was the first chance I’ve had to take my camera outside since the official arrival of fall.  Here is a sample of the backyard birds that showed up. I think it’s gonna be a great season for taking pictures … Continue reading

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