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One Lucky Fella!

This gray squirrel is one lucky fella with a furry tail for his umbrella! A tail that is bushy, a tail that is swishy, A tail that reminds me of dandelion wishies! And when it is sunny, this tail is his … Continue reading

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If you live near a Race Trac gas station you’ve probably heard of Sodapalooza, a summer event where a limited supply of plastic cups are sold, which are then refillable with fountain drinks for the rest of the season. Having … Continue reading

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Trying a New Technique

Today I decided to try a new technique while I was outside taking pictures, basically just experimenting with a different metering mode. I wanted to see if I could get the details of the birds to pop a wee bit … Continue reading

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Be Aggressive, B-E Aggressive

Anyone remember the high school cheer?  Be aggressive, B-E aggressive, B-E A-G-G-R-E-S-S-I-V-E …Well, I think my backyard birds were heeding the chant yesterday afternoon! It all started off innocently enough.  A Robin landed on the deck rail just moments after … Continue reading

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Feeling Chipper

I was down in the backyard taking a picture of this handsome Robin as he perched on the fountain rocks… …when out  popped this chipper little fellow.  I’m pretty sure we were both a bit startled. After retreating several rocks … Continue reading

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A Popular Place to Perch

Whenever I attach a new branch to my deck rail and then smear a little bark butter on it, you can bet that it will soon be a popular place to perch! Here are nine fine posers who have taken … Continue reading

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Beauty Begets Beauty

I recently shared this photo of some stunning Cedar Waxwings, scavenging berries off the ground. It brings me such joy to take pictures of the beauty that God has created and then share that beauty with others.  But my joy … Continue reading

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