Some Near-Freezing Feasting

The temperatures here in Not-So-Hotlanta have been hovering right around freezing, bringing a flurry of birds to the backyard in search of food and water…and one birdbrain to the backyard in hopes of taking their pictures!

This morning, a handsome Thrasher helped himself to some Bark Butter…

…as did a Ruby-crowned Kinglet.

Several Bluebirds made an appearance…some to sip water…

…and others to stand watch.

And just who were these boys in blue on their guard against? Why, this bossy, belligerent Robin who is utterly opposed to their presence in the backyard.

Several Tufted Titmice, which are typically furtive, fleeting, and hard to photograph, stopped in…

…and one even lingered long enough to serenade me for a bit – though I suspect he was really calling out to his fellow Titmice that he had found a nice stash of food.

There was constant activity at the heated water dish, with birds showing up one after another to enjoy a non-frozen beverage.

And, of course, the Blue Jays were busy swooping…

…and scooping!

I know it sounds crazy, but sitting outside with frozen fingers and tingling toes, taking pictures of beautiful birds makes my heart incredibly happy!

10 thoughts on “Some Near-Freezing Feasting

  1. God bless you, Kathy, for your caring, for your talent & for sharing it with all of us who are also friends & admirers of our feathered friends.

  2. I love my birds too. We also have heated bird baths, all my birds love them. I may have asked you before, but are you on a blind? Using a tripod?

    1. I don’t have a blind or a tripod…I just stand outside on my deck (or sit on a swivel stool that my hubby made me!) I think the birds tolerate me because they know I put the food out!

      1. LOL…I know. If my feeders are empty, especially if they’ve been empty for more than a day, when I go out onto the deck and head down the steps to the big metal bin where I store their food, the birds come flying from everywhere and sit in the branches just above my head and sing. Or holler, your interpretation may vary. I have been able to get a chickadee to take an oilers out of my hand at that point. But if there’s seed in the feeder they would rather go there. They DO fly down to the feeder while I’m filling it, I love the sound of their wings.

  3. Thanks for going to such lengths, Kathy, to bring us these photos and bring food and water to the birds; to them your garden must be like an oasis in the desert!

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