This Crazy Atlanta Weather – Part II

winterbranches213I woke  this morning to a beautiful layer of snow covering the ground and the tree branches.  The world was still and crisp in the early hours.  It wasn’t long before “my” birds joined me, begging for their breakfast.  They looked so pretty perched upon the snowy branches.

male cardinals
male cardinals
tufted titmouse
eastern bluebird

This Bluejay was grateful for the mound of peanuts to feast on.


And this White-throated Sparrow enjoyed the cup of seed I scattered on the ground.

white-throated sparrow

One thought on “This Crazy Atlanta Weather – Part II

  1. Kathy
    You are fantastic with your camera
    Right now I can only shoot through window I have a broken tibia been confined at home now for 8 weeks. Can’t wait to get outside to shoot
    I do not have web set up yet any way I can shoot you a couple of pics I have taken the last few days
    You are really really good
    Have blessed weekend

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