A Grudge Against Geese

I took a jaunt to a nearby park yesterday to have some fun with my camera.  I got a Canon SX50 HS for Christmas, and I love it but I am still figuring out how to use it.

While I was there I had a lovely time photographing a pair of Canada Geese.
geese220b To be perfectly honest, geese are not my favorite birds.  I’m pretty sure I encountered an aggressive one when I was a kid and I have held a grudge for all these years.  (I also had the back of my shoe bit off by an ostrich when I was little girl, but that’s another story!)  At any rate, this couple was quite well mannered and I very much enjoyed their company.  Perhaps a few more trips to the park and I will change my “fowl” perception of them.  Sorry…couldn’t resist!


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