Brown Thrasher

If the Brown Thrasher was being cast in a movie, inevitably it would be assigned the part of a gangster or a villain.  This is more a reflection of his appearance than his personality.  His long, downward curved beak and his glowing yellow eyes give him a rather sinister look.

About the size of a robin, the Brown Thrasher has a rusty-brown back with a brown-streaked, creamy breast and a long tail.  Since it is a ground feeder, and often forages through leaves in search of insects to eat, its beak is usually coated with dirt.


Quite the crooner, the Brown Thrasher is thought to have the largest repertoire of songs of all North American birds, and like the Mocking Bird (these birds are both in the same family) will mimic the calls of other birds.  Just a bit of trivia – the Mocking Bird tends to repeat a call three times, while the thrasher will stop at two.

Although usually harmless, even a bit skittish, the Brown Thrasher will fiercely defend its young.  If threatened, it will attack predators with its long sharp beak that is known for packing quite a peck.

The state bird of Georgia, and the mascot of our former hockey team, the thrasher is a year round resident of this region.  Sadly, the hockey team has migrated to Canada and is now extinct in this area.


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