Just Add Water

“It has good bones.”  – That’s what my husband said six years ago, right before we made an offer on the house we now call home.  In other words, it was a bit of a “fixer upper.” But where I looked and saw countless projects, he looked and saw endless potential.  (He’s much better about visualizing things the way they could be… maybe that’s why he married me!)

One area in desperate need of attention was the backyard, which at the time of purchase was an overgown slope leading down to a sinkhole surrounded by poison ivy.  But with a couple truck-loads of dirt and several pallets of stone (and free child labor to load up the wheelbarrow) my household hero built a lovely patio with a recirculating waterfall.  I wish I could say I was a lot of help, but I basically brought drink refills and cheered him on.

The waterfall has been such a blessing.  Not only is it beautiful background music to my ears, but it also lures a lot of birds to my backyard.  Like this lovely bluebird who enjoyed a leisurely bath, sunned himself on a branch, and then headed back for more.





Even if you can’t put in a waterfall, if you want more birds to visit, just add water.  Consider putting out a fountain or a bird bath or even a dish for them to drink from – not only will the birds appreciate it, but you will have fun watching them.

8 thoughts on “Just Add Water

  1. Thanks for the “props”!!! I like subscribing.

    Rick Doremus

  2. I love your waterfall idea, and it seems to be a great magnet for photographing wildlife. Would you post a photo of the backyard landscaping and waterfall area sometime? Maybe I can use it as an inspiration to my household hero 😊. By the way, the photos are terrific!

    1. Sue – I’ll try to post a picture once I get some of the Oak tree litter cleared out. We’ve had a lot of wind and rain this week and it has left things in a bit of disarray!

  3. I love your Blue Bird photos and I can hear the water which is so peaceful! What a great place to watch and relax from the cares of this world.


  4. I remember keeping the water bath for the birds in my previous house .. they sure used to attract lot of birds .. good collection of photos !

  5. You have bluebirds! I am so jealous. I grew up on the east coast, but because I wasn’t paying attention, I never saw a bluebird while I lived there. I see them occasionally when I go back to visit my folks. We have bluebirds in the mountains so I get to see them now and then, but they do not frequent my backyard. Love your blog!

      1. We take lots of pictures when we’re there. It’s a gorgeous place, but it can be tough to get good bird pics.

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