Bringing Birds to Your Backyard – Day Three

We have reached day three in this series where I have been sharing my non-expert ideas on how to attract birds to your backyard.  Just to review –
Tip one – Offer a variety of food.
Tip two – Set up an assortment of feeders.
And now…


Birds don’t survive on seed alone, they need water too – both for drinking and for bathing.  I am blessed to have a recirculating waterfall in my backyard, which the birds love.  They are drawn to the sound of running water, so this is quite a lure.


If your backyard or your budget doesn’t lend itself to this type of water feature, consider getting a small fountain to provide that trickling sound.  Home Depot and Lowes both have some that are reasonably priced.

Some birds, like Cedar Waxwings, don’t typically come to feeders but they sill stop by to visit a fresh supply of water.

Cedar Waxwings stopping in for a drink.

I also have several water dishes and birdbaths that the birds frequently enjoy.  Simply adding a bubbler to one of these  (which you can get on Amazon) will create moving water, which the birds love.

Some come to sip…like these finches…

Male House Finch


American Goldfinch at one of the drinking dishes.

Some come to soak…

Eastern Towhee (male) relaxing in the fountain.

And some come to splash about.

Cowbird having a grand time, spraying water everywhere!

If you want more birds in your yard, add water in whatever way you are able.  Not only will the birds enjoy it, but you are sure to be entertained by their antics.



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