Bringing Birds to Your Backyard – Day Four

We have reached day four in our series on how to attract birds to your backyard (or your frontyard for that matter.)  Once again, let’s review the first three days in case you are joining us in progress.

1) Offer a variety of food
2) Set up an assortment of feeders
3) Water water everywhere
and next….


Now I’m not going to throw around words like habitat or ecosystem because in all honesty, I don’t have a scientific bone in my body.  What I am going to say is that if your goal is to have a carefully manicured lawn with neatly mowed rows of lush green grass then birding may not be the best hobby for you…and I’m only partly kidding.

My backyard is mostly wooded, which makes the birds “happy, happy, happy.”  It has leaf litter on the ground, which the Eastern Towhees love.  Not only do the leaves provide a great place to forage for food, they also offer nice camoflauge – just look at how well she blends in.


It has a brush pile that the Carolina Wrens like to nest in, and shrubbery where the Catbirds like to hide and sing.


It also has a couple of dead trees that I simply cannot bear to part with.  I know, only a backyard bird nerd would leave dead trees in their yard, but the woodpeckers love searching  for insects in the crevices.


Our front yard does have a nice green lawn (hey, we don’t want to get written up by the homeowners association!) but it also has flowers, bushes with berries, and small trees – all of which attract the birds.

This Tufted Titmouse likes to hang out in the Crepe Myrtle.  He’s a beautiful bird, but isn’t the bark lovely too?


And this Song Sparrow has a nest in our holly tree.


And lest I leave you with the impression that I am a lawn loather (I promise, I really do like grass), it is fun to watch the birds hunt for worms in the frontyard, or to sun themselves like this bluebird did yesterday.


Another way to create a bird friendly environment is to offer nesting boxes.  Two of ours are currently occupied by families of bluebirds – how cool is that?

So, to sum things up:  If you want more bird visitors, landscape in bird friendly ways.


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  1. I am really enjoying this series. This is so nicely illustrated with your excellent bird photos.

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