Chili Weather

The gray and chilly weather made today seem perfect for…well…chili!  And for taking bird pictures, of course.

So after a warm and delicious bowl of the aforementioned for lunch, paired with some Tuscan garlic bread the lady from Publix talked me into, I bundled up and went out on the deck with my camera.  There was quite a flurry of activity at the feeders, but I’ll just share a few of the birds that haven’t made as many appearances on posts lately.

The Warblers were some of the first to arrive…a Yellow-rumped followed by a male and a female Pine Warbler.

warbler1 warbler2 warbler3

Then a Thrasher popped in with a peanut he took to the water dish.


The birds that were out in abundance this afternoon were the Cardinals.  They were all over the place. I love the subtle beauty of the female…

cardinal1 cardinal2

…but the male Cardinal was by far the most brilliant bird against the day’s rather dull backdrop.

cardinal3 cardinal4 cardinal5

Dull lighting?  Perhaps.  But never a dull moment with all the bird activity!



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