The Drizzle Hasn’t Dampened Their Appetites

The more-than-a-month long drought that has lingered in the Atlanta area has finally departed; replaced by a delightful drizzle (you won’t hear me say that often!) and occasional downpours.  The damp weather seems to have whet the appetites (pun intended) of my backyard birds, so I’ve tried to keep the feeders filled in between showers.

The Blue Jays arrived as soon as I put the peanuts out…

jay1 jay2

…followed by a Red-bellied Woodpecker who laid claim to the Bark Butter branch.

red-bellied1 red-bellied2

And this perky Carolina Wren hopped here and there, singing his shrill little song.

wren1 wren2

And while the birds filled their bellies, I filled my soul, standing outside taking pictures in the misty rain.



9 thoughts on “The Drizzle Hasn’t Dampened Their Appetites

  1. You get such good photographs of the birds that visit you and I wouldn’t like to go for more than a couple of weeks without rain here in the UK which of course is unlikely.

    1. This drought was unusual for us. Now it looks like we’re finally getting some winter weather headed our way. Honestly, I love taking pictures in the cold.

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