It’s Training Tucker Time

It’s time for Tucker to begin his training.

If you happened to see my last post, you know that Tucker is a handsome four month old lab mix we adopted last weekend.  We initially thought we were going to adopt he and his sister both (my heart sometimes thinks faster than my head!) but for the safety of our older dog and the sanity of our home, we decided to let another loving family adopt Piper.

Anyway, I figured if Tucker is going to be a backyard birdnerd companion, he might as well get started on his training.

So, while I took pictures of this Nuthatch…

…and this young Downy Woodpecker…

…Tucker made sure the waterfall fountain was just the right temperature in case a bird wanted to brave getting a bath.

He also helped collect some Bark Butter branches, although I think he prefers to label them “Tucker toys.”

Having a puppy is like having a toddler in the house, but he is a quick learner and has already stolen my heart.

I mean, what’s not to love about this face?

And if you are considering adopting a Lab, check out Labrador Friends of the South – a volunteer rescue organization that was wonderful to work with!


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  1. He’s one fine looking Lab and looks so loveable. They are indeed like toddlers, but so much fun!

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