An Apology and an Announcement

First the apology – my blogging will likely be lagging in the foreseeable future.

You see – two weeks ago we had to say goodbye to Walker, one of our dogs who had lived a long full life.  His absence has left a hole in our hearts and in our home…

Walker – our much loved noble beast.

But yesterday, we welcomed Tucker and Piper to our family.  These adorable brother and sister lab mixes were abandoned in a rural area of Alabama and in need of rescue.  The picture below was taken on their ride home.

They are a rambunctious duo who are going to need a lot of love and attention and a great deal of training, but I am sure before long I will have two backyard photography buddies!

15 thoughts on “An Apology and an Announcement

  1. Beautiful puppies! I look forward to hearing of their progress in assisting you in your wonderful bird blog. I totally understand that they will require much of your time, enjoy!

  2. Losing a pet is like losing a family member to some degree. Glad Walker had a long life.
    I’m sure you will grow to love your two new labs just as much.

  3. So sorry Walker passed away. I know he is dearly missed. But I hope the new labs will help fill the hole in your heart. They are all beautiful dogs. So good that you were able to rescue not one, but two others who needed a forever home.

  4. It is hard when you loose a good friend. We hope you find good friends in the new ones. We have a rescue dog, and have had one in the past, and they can be very appreciative of love and caring owners.

  5. You will have your hands full getting those two cuties under control. The birds will be waiting for your return.

  6. Always hard to loose a buddy! Sorry for your loss of Walker. Looks like you will be busy for awhile welcoming in your new friends. 🐶💕

  7. So sorry to hear about your beloved Walker’s passing. He must have sent these two to
    take care of you, help patch the hole he will always leave in your heart by filling up your time, and keep your love flowing to these happy siblings. Thank you for all you do and share with us!! Will be so much fun to see how they do with the birds. At our house, the only things that run away in the backyard when i let the dogs out, are the squirrels. The birds are totally used to the dogs.

  8. I am so sorry for your loss. You did just like we did after losing Bumble last year, rescued other puppies…that’s what Walker would have wanted too.

  9. It is hard to part with a loved pet, as I did with two cats many years ago, but remember that it’s not all darkness ahead. It seems that your two new dogs have found themselves a loving home.

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