The Bounty of the Backyard

The juvenile Woodpeckers have definitely been enjoying the bounty of the backyard.

Like this young male Red-bellied who stopped in for a bite of Bark Butter.

He was happily munching until this grumpy Grackle showed up…

…at which point the young fellow opted to take cover until the coast was clear.

When he returned to his feasting, he was a bit cautious, keeping an eye out for the arrival of any other intruders.

Meanwhile, another young male was enjoying the bounty of the backyard.
Tucker, who is adapting quite nicely to his new home, is learning to occupy himself for awhile while I take bird pictures – and puppy pictures of course.

His typical routine is something like, find a stick to chew…

…wash it down with a refreshing drink…

…then find another stick to chew.

I think he’s turning out to be a fine backyard birdnerd companion. 🙂

9 thoughts on “The Bounty of the Backyard

  1. Tucker is so handsome and so are the birds! When I got my Miss Scarlett, I hiked and birded with a camera so often that she learned on her own to stop and sit still when I raise my camera to my face. She even does it now when she’s off leash. Tucker might learn the same thing 🙂

  2. Awh Cute Tucker! Charlie loves to chew sticks too! And we were just watching a grackle on the deck just now. Such a bright blue neck that is so striking.

  3. I always enjoy your photos and captions. Please consider discouraging your puppy from chewing on sticks. They may splinter and give him an infection in his mouth or get lodged in his intestines and cause a blockage. It’s difficult: dogs love sticks.

  4. Love the picture of the red-belly belly-up! I bought the bark butter, but have not yet tried it at the salt marsh…the weather has not been good for long waits.

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