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Cold, Rainy, and Slightly Crazy

The weather this morning was cold, with a slight drizzle dropping from the sky, the perfect day (if you are slightly crazy – a category we readily admit to occupying!) for Chaco’s first trip to Red Top Mountain. We headed … Continue reading

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All these years we thought the word was “Octoberfest”, but now that we have a Lab we have learned that it’s actually “Octoberfetch!” This morning we took Tucker for a romp at Little River, one of his many happy places, … Continue reading

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A Wonderful Water-full Weekend

What makes a wonderful weekend? Well, if you ask Tucker, it’s any weekend that involves water…and since this weekend included not one, but two river romps…well…he was one happy labramutt! Usually, when we take him to the river or to … Continue reading

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Window Watchers

Well, I’m happy to report there is one more watcher at the window… Tucker now has a brother named Tripp that we adopted on July 4th.  Tripp has had a bit of a rough past, and there are a few … Continue reading

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This Is What I Was Made For

Did you ever do something that you really enjoyed, something that was totally soul-satisfying, and find yourself thinking, “I was made for this!”? Well, I’m pretty sure Tucker makes that declaration anytime he gets let loose in a creek or … Continue reading

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Please Don’t Lunch On The Lilies

Whereas our backyard is overflowing with bird feeders, our front yard is filled with flowers – with Lilies being the beauties that are currently blossoming. This morning, I went out and snapped a few photos while the raindrops from last … Continue reading

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Makin’ A Splash – Fur and Feathers

We took Tucker for a river romp this morning.  This guy sure loves a good splash! The river (or a lake…or a fountain…or a puddle) is his happy place. And it’s easy to make friends when you bring toys.  I … Continue reading

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