The Fine Art of Peanut Packing

One of the young Jays that frequents the backyard feeders has been learning the fine art of peanut packing!

He used to show up, quickly grab a single peanut, and then fly off to eat it elsewhere, but now he is sticking around and adding one nut after another.

He doesn’t quit adding peanuts until his beak is filled to the rim, and then I’m not quite sure he knows what to do with them.

I truly think he might have bitten off more than he can chew!

15 thoughts on “The Fine Art of Peanut Packing

  1. My Daddy used to tell us not to carry “a lazy man’s load” & not to be a “Greedy Gus”. This guy’s daddy probably told him to grab as much as he could for lift off.

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