Waders & Gators: A Host of Herons

In addition to the Egrets we encountered during last month’s trip to Florida, there was also a whole host of Herons that kept us company!

The Great Blue Heron was the one we saw the most frequently, but with this beauty, familiarity definitely doesn’t breed contempt!

It is fascinating to watch these birds hunt (and eat!), whether the catch be a floppy fish or an enormous eel. I wish I had been closer to this fellow as he flew away with his catch! He looks so determined!

If I were a painter I would deem this Heron canvas worthy.

And if I were a poet, I would aim to pen reflective prose about this bird’s reflective pose!

Another Heron that was out in abundance was the Tri-colored Heron. It made me laugh how quickly they could go from suave and debonair…

…to totally disheveled and undignified!

I think they have the coolest feet.

On our excursions we also ran into a Black-crowned Night Heron, still drippy from a recent shower…

…an inquisitive Green Heron…

…and a lovely Little Blue Heron.

And, as I said in the previous post, where there are so many waders there are sure to be gators! This prehistoric looking fellow was taking up most of the path. Thankfully this was a time when we were in the Jeep and not on foot!

Ah…Florida has so much beauty to behold. I am already daydreaming about going back.

12 thoughts on “Waders & Gators: A Host of Herons

  1. What a wonderful collection of herons, though I think I would prefer to be photographing in a location where I did not have to keep an eye open for gators.

  2. I just can’t get enough of these photographs, Kathy! I’ve now scrolled down and up and down and up and back down again through them and each time I notice something else. Great job!

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