Sippin’, Dippin’, and Drippin’

One of the things I love most about our new backyard “wonder-fall” is that it has different nooks and crannies for the birds to discover. There are places to sip, places to dip, and places to perch while they dry and they drip! And this Swainson’s Thrush, who dropped in on his way to winter in warmer weather, has been enjoying all three!

He found a spot that is ideal for sipping…

…a pool of water that’s perfect for dipping…

…and a place to perch while he’s drying and dripping!

Isn’t he beautiful! I think his earthy-toned feathers are some of my favorite colors for fall sweaters!

I wish these birds were year round residents, but I guess only having them as they pass through makes their visits all the more special. And who knows, perhaps he will pin my address on his mental migration map and make a return visit when spring rolls around!

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