What A Wonder-fall World

My Household Hero outdid himself this time! He spent last week building a waterfall fountain in our backyard and it’s A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! In fact, It seems an injustice to label it a mere waterfall, so I hereby decree it to be a “wonder-fall”!

It probably won’t surprise you to hear that I’m not the only one who loves it, the birds do too! Already, there are birds showing up that don’t typically come to the feeders. Like this male Summer Tanager, who paid a visit to investigate the flowing water. Isn’t he gorgeous!

A female Scarlet Tanager (or perhaps a juvenile male) also came to check things out. First she landed on a perch to survey the surroundings…

…then she swooped down to the top of the fountain for a drink.

When she was ready for a bath, she dropped down a level, but must have decided she liked the upper section better because she quickly darted back up. Either that, or she’s like me in the ocean and something touched her feet!

Once she started bathing, she relaxed and took her time enjoying a leisurely soaking.

I had to laugh (and quietly cheer!) when a Tennessee Warbler (a first for me!) landed on the rock with her and decided there was plenty of room for two.

Before I knew it, splish-splash, they were both taking a bath!

Doesn’t he look like the Tanager’s mini-me?

I’m so glad this duo decided to drop by before they head south for the winter!

Birds and water are a winning combination! And when I watch them, I can’t help but smile and think to myself, what a wonder-fall world!

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  1. Does your Household Hero do contract work? I would love to have such a wonder-fall added to our little garden. Just look at the beautiful bathers it attracts!

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