Hawk Stalk

When I look outside and see my backyard birds either freeze in place or flee in haste, it can only mean one thing – they are being stalked by a hawk!

Well, the other day I glanced out the window and saw said stalker perched in a side-yard tree and decided to turn the tables. I picked up my camera, slipped out the front door as quietly as I could, and set about trying to sneak up on this Red-shouldered beauty.

I’d love to boast about the success of my stealthy maneuvers, but they don’t say “eyes like a hawk” for nothing. He was aware of my presence from the moment I stepped outside.

He stared at me briefly with a “go away” glare, and then decided that if I wasn’t leaving, he would!

He only flew to the other side of the house, so I continued my stalking and crept up closer to his new perch. I’m glad he let me get a few shots of him from behind before he got fed up and flew off in search of a more private perch. I love his rich earthy color tones.

And the good news is, I’m pretty sure I will see him again. After all, my buffet for the backyard birds creates a bird buffet for him!

20 thoughts on “Hawk Stalk

  1. Wow – he’s a thing of beauty! Perhaps he will just dine on rodents and leave your precious visitors alone. I want to try and paint him at some point. Do you ever upload your photos to pixabay or like place?

    1. He is beautiful!
      I upload a lot of pictures onto Flickr…and there is a link to it on this site. (You can get to it by clicking on the three lines in the upper corner). Feel free to paint whatever you like. πŸ™‚

  2. Great photos! It makes me sad when people poison these birds. They are so useful. While I would not want them to be in my yard all the time (I enjoy my little songbirds), I really like them in general. They are great mouse catchers, after all!

  3. We have red-tailed hawks around my neck of the woods. The other day I too saw the usual birds scatter, and then saw a hawk perched on our little tree eating a mouse. He did not like my watching him dine!

  4. He or she is beautiful. We have a Coopers hawk hanging around our feeder. Amazing how the little birds can stay still so long. When they scstter there’s usually a fly by immediately after. So far I haven’t seen him succeed at grabbing lunch.

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